Monday, May 25, 2015

The Proposal

Valentine's Day a couple of years ago I observed a couple in intense conversation.  The scene stuck with me and I finally finished the painting this spring.

Back Lane View

 Painted mostly with a pallet knife I had a lot of fun playing with the texture and layering that is really only possible with oil paints.

Last One To Know

On Facebook I asked people to name this painting. Out of 14 suggestions I chose the name; Last One To Know.
I am still trying to come up with a title for this painting.

Blue Table

Painted this spring, Blue Table is a loose representation of our dining room except that I had fun with the colours (I have always wanted a blue table!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Red Truck

This home no longer exists.  Shortly after the picture was taken
the house was demolished and the truck was towed away.
I took a long time before I decided to offer it for sale as it evoked
strong feelings for me.
On hold until Before the Rush, Nov. 7,8,9

If Chairs Could Dance

The chairs are part of my antique collection and the dancers
are purely imaginary.