Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Red Truck

This home no longer exists.  Shortly after the picture was taken
the house was demolished and the truck was towed away.
I took a long time before I decided to offer it for sale as it evoked
strong feelings for me.
On hold until Before the Rush, Nov. 7,8,9

If Chairs Could Dance

The chairs are part of my antique collection and the dancers
are purely imaginary.

A corner of my gallery.

Part of my inventory of found objects and
paintings that will be at 
Before the Rush.

Which Painting?

Several of these paintings (and the grain auger as well) will
 be held for Before the Rush, Nov. 7,8,9 at the Ivy Lea!

Last Dance

A small painting/sketch on Masonite. Up close you can see
that I chose to paint on the rough side.  I like the effect.

Paint Pallet

I converted a primitive pipe rack table to hold my paint
brushes and it rapidly has become a paint pallet as well.

How Much?

I titled this painting "How Much".  It is meant to
convey that time just before an antique show is to 
open and the dealers when dealers often buy and sell 
to each other.