Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Andrea Mossop took this photo of a painting I am working on.  She called it a "a fun synchronicity" - the painting, the pallet, the table cover and my old shirt being recycled to clean my brushes.  I will post the completed painting later - though not much left to do on it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A view of the new gallery/workshop on a sunny Feb. 16th morning.  I can't wait until it is really finished.  The light will be fantastic.
Envy:  I was at a dance at Queens' U., Wallace Hall where the young'uns were doing the jive to a live band.  This couple were really "jiving" and there was a lady, older, in a red dress along with a couple of other single women who were looking on.  (The punch bowl and glasses were part of the treats we had for our Feb. Thaw Sale)
Four Red Chairs:  Every piece in this painting I have owned or still own.  I painted this over a couple of years as a representation of the many antique shows I have done.  I was deliberately not trying to do a "composition" as I was trying to represent that moment just before a show begins and stuff still needs to be placed. 
Reflections:  With some liberties this is a corner of my living room.  The fish in the foreground is a folk art carving that I mounted on a stand.  I was trying to get the feel of a winter night when the windows are wet on the inside and the reflections are distorted.