Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Years Eve at MacNeil's Landing (Sold)

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    By Liz Huff
    “New Years Eve at MacNeil's Landing” © J. Sörensen
    On a cold winter’s day, warm yourself with a viewing of the new exhibit of paintings by John Sörensen at the Brockville Arts Centre. This is Sörensen’s first show, and his exciting and fresh works are guaranteed to garner attention. John Sörensen paints mostly interior scenes of congenial and music-filled rooms where most of us would like to spend some time. These are familiar places where ordinary people come together to dance, to mingle, and to relax. We see people of all ages, sizes and persuasions, people whom we recognize as our neighbours and friends.

    Sörensen is the proprietor of Ballycanoe & Co. near Mallorytown, Ontario. His company specializes in rural architectural salvage and Sörensen’s familiarity with buildings from an earlier time is evident in his paintings. Whether it is an elegantly arched window, a hand-worn newel post, or a simple primitive chair, the truthful renderings enhance the paintings and evoke a nostalgic tone.

    John approaches his canvases at an astonishing speed. Humming happily and vibrating with energy, he will sometimes have five or six projects on the go at once. He works in oils, starts with quick sketches to establish the essential energy and shapes of the piece, then layers on colour, with brushes, palette knives, and sometimes even his fingers. Sörensen’s paintings come entirely from his head, and his own memories of people and social gatherings.

    Sörensen’s show “Gotta Dance” can be seen at the Brockville Arts Centre, 235 King St. West throughout February. The Centre is open from 10-5 Monday to Friday, and from 10-3 on Saturday. Call 613-345-2615 for more information. The historic and beautiful buildings of downtown Brockville, and the majesty of the St. Lawrence in winter, are added bonuses on an outing to see the distinctive paintings of John Sörensen.